Ode to a Drone

by Stuart Orchard

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remixes of Ode to a Clone songs


released June 22, 2017

mixed and mastered by Stuart James at Soundfield

masses of appreciation, love and respect to Boogie Smash, Edward Sparks, Neli, Stuart James and Ylem.

shout outs to musicians making the raw material on Ode to a Clone - Daniel Hall, David Dower, Martin Kruemling, Achim Hilgert and Damien Giambazi.


all rights reserved



Stuart Orchard Perth, Australia

Stuart Orchard is a singer/songwriter and composer, with a vast musical palette to compliment a knack for a majestic pop hook.

Ode to a Clone is his latest album imagining fantastical futures and wallowing in discombobulation.

Ode to a Drone reimagines the fantasy with a dark, digital twist.

Orchard is currently studying composition at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.
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Track Name: Julian (Boogie Re-Smash)
Julian fixing up your hair
in the ad break
the bright lights
the curtain drawn
TV man fixes your collar
as the camera rolls
the front line
with no disguise

another man pulling out his hair somewhere
he's clicking and fidgeting
what's your secret?

so much weight
what you say
the bank won't let you get paid

what's your secret?
see what happens?
what's your secret?
Track Name: Eye Ruins (Orchard - Eye Extender Remix)
when your eye lies
feeling something
is better than nothing
and to me
a theme rings
here's a clue
it's a dream passing by my eyes
all within my eye

in the sun again
of course you're here
just gurgling
what's the point?
try less hard
see what becomes
all within your eye

where could you possibly be?
why can't you see why won't you see?
get on my channel
here i know
exactly what you mean
better no wait
nothing's wait for you

don't get it
cast adrift
floating sideways
don't give a shit
know it's true
you do too
stuck in here
an animal
all but within your eye

lottery i want in
a dream passing by
what's the point?
try less hard
afterall you've got nothing to offer
all but within your eye
always within your eye
Track Name: Ode to a Clone (Edward Sparks remix 2.0)
and i know that you want so much more than this
can we be eternal?
ourselves projecting the future
flowing like a river
we swim upstream
like a salmon not knowing
why it's got to go
but driven to the top of the mountain
to the source
to its end
when it gets there

we'll be just fine
and i'll sing it all the time
you'll hear me crying out
but you won't listen
you run and hide
it won't register
til it comes from the inside
Track Name: Ken Wilber (Neli's Nineties House Mix)
you never know what could happen
you don't know what it's all about

some people say we might disappear into light
or maybe one day an apple will fall against the sky
my lover told me the timing wasn't right
i was wrong, i move on

the separation between us
a gap is closing in
what will it take?
i hope it won't be too late
when the overlap becomes us

you never know what could happen
maybe we're closer to the beginning

seeping through the grey sky
survival toolkit will black and white
try describing what water tastes like
a telescope to find love

the separation between us
a gap is closing in
what will it take?
i hope it won't be too late
when the overlap becomes us

you never know what could happen
maybe we're closer to the beginning
a second stage, the starting line
it's gonna come to be in flashes of light
i'll be open for convincing one more time
now i've gone and done what i said i wouldn't
the good, the true, the beautiful

you never know...

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